Episode 20: Ash Wednesday – Be Holy


For the next six weeks during the season of Lent I’m partnering with the Rev. Brian Coulter on a series called “Be Holy.”

According to Barbara Brown Taylor, “Lent,” it is called, from an English word meaning “spring”–not just a reference to the crocuses pushing their ways out of the ground in the season before Easter, but also to the greening of the human soul–pruned with repentance, fertilized with fasting, spritzed with self-appraisal, mulched with prayer.

Brian is currently serving as pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Aiken, South Carolina and is the author of Be Holy where he explores what it means to be holy in today’s world and how living into this calling helps us discover and develop our sense of identity, belonging, and purpose. Brian and I will also invite others into conversation as we journey through this time.

My hope and prayer is that these little seeds will provide meaningful and practical interaction with the holy disciplines of this season.

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